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Questions that you might have on your mind.

Q: Is it expensive to get started?

A: No, you can start your own web site with a small investment and expand as your needs change.

Q: Is there long term contracts?

A: No, you can do month to month, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual service packages. But with any of these options if at anytime you decide to stop your service we will credit any unsued full months of service.

Q: Is it easy to get started?

A: YES! Just drop us a note and we can start the process. We will work with you to develop a web marketing presence that works within your budget and helps you attain your goals!

Q: Can I have a online store?

A: YES! We can help design and implement an online store presence for you.

Q: Why are you qualified to help me with my web site?

A: We have over 15 years of sales and marketing experience, in addition we have been artists for more than 15 years, the past 7 years as full time artists. We live in the same enviorment and art show world you do! This gives us a uniqie understanding of the needs of artists. You will work with us directly not a automated system, or some customer service representive that is half way around the world! We speak english and know the challanges artists go through each and everyday.